Tailored Thin-Film PTC Heaters

Design your Conflux heater

We will help you solve your heating challenge and design the optimal Conflux heater.

  • Tell us about your heating challenge
  • What is your desired object temperature?
  • Which voltage do you have at hand?
  • What is the shape and dimension of the heated area?

Custom made designs

The intuitive way to design a heater

A Conflux heater work as you intuitively would like a heater to work - it strives to keep your object at a certain temperature without any electronics. This is what you want. Right?

You don't have to worry about figuring out what power it shall produce to keep your object at the desired temperature. You just decide what temperature you want! The Conflux heater will do everything in its power to bring your object to this temperature as fast as possible, and keep it there. It will never ever overheat.

A Conflux heater can normally be designed to solve your heating challenge using the voltage you have at hand, from 12 VDC up to 230 VAC. For some very challenging application, e.g. ice prevention of heavy object in harsh climates, a voltage on the higher side is advantageous.

The heater itself is only 0.4 mm thin. We can design it to any shape and size. For mechanical protection we encapsulate it depending on the application. It can be encapsulated in anything from 0.1 mm plastic to 2 mm stainless steel.

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We will guide you to your optimal solution. You will receive the final heaters, thermally verified, in less than 4 weeks.

Conflux heaters' features:

Pointwise self-regulation - No regulating electronics required

Each point on the heater automatically regulates its heating power to accommodate for varying thermal loads and ambient temperatures. The heater strives to always keep your object at the designed temperature. A low ambient temperature it gives high power and vice versa.

Pointwise temperature limiting

Each point on the heater is temperature limiting, inherent to the material itself. It ensures that the heater will never overheat - anywhere.


The heater is only 0.4 mm thin. It can be formed around curved shapes, takes limited space and is easy to attach to most surfaces.

Stable to voltage variations

The heater can be used in a wide voltage range outside its nominal voltage, still striving to always keep your object at the designed temperature.

Rapid warm up

Its low mass ensures a rapid warm up of the heater itself.

High power

The high power per unit area ensures a rapid warm up of the system. Please assure a good thermal contact between the heater and the components to heat.

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