Custom Heating Solutions

Turn key solutions

We solve your heating challenge in an optimal way and design your custom heating solution. We develop and manufacture complete heating systems which are ready to install and connect. The turn-key solutions simplify your transition to high power self-limiting heaters and shorten your time to market.

  • Tell us about your heating challenge
  • What is your desired object temperature?
  • Which voltage do you have at hand?
  • Share your drawings of your object to be heated

Custom heating solutions

Conflux heaters' features:

Pointwise self-regulation - No regulating electronics required

Each point on the heater automatically regulates its heating power to accommodate for varying thermal loads and ambient temperatures. The heater strives to always keep your object at the designed temperature. A low ambient temperature it gives high power and vice versa.

Pointwise temperature limiting

Each point on the heater is temperature limiting, inherent to the material itself. It ensures that the heater will never overheat - anywhere.


The heater is only 0.4 mm thin. It can be formed around curved shapes, takes limited space and is easy to attach to most surfaces.

Stable to voltage variations

The heater can be used in a wide voltage range outside its nominal voltage, still striving to always keep your object at the designed temperature.

Rapid warm up

Its low mass ensures a rapid warm up of the heater itself.

High power

The high power per unit area ensures a rapid warm up of the system. Please assure a good thermal contact between the heater and the components to heat.

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