About Conflux

A New World in Heating

We enable our customers to revolutionise the heating industry.

As a customer, you will be able to provide your customers with new heating functionality, which enable unique applications that have not been previously possible.

Together, we extend your business and create new business on existing and new customers.

Conflux make heating safe, simple and energy efficient:

  • Heating shall be safe - heaters shall never overheat.
  • Heating shall be simple - heating shall not require electronics.
  • Heating shall be energy efficient - heating shall only produce the heat needed in every point.

Conflux offer thin-film PTC heaters which produce the amount of heat needed to rapidly heat up your object and keep it at your desired temperature. Just connect them to power and you are ready to go - safe and simple.

We are located in Järfälla, 10 km north of Stockholm, Sweden.

About Conflux

Conflux History

The basis of the Conflux technology was invented in 1996 by researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Conflux AB was first founded as an R&D company within conducting rubber materials and later became a global provider of advanced heating solutions.

Conflux has invented and produce a PTC rubber material, which conducts electricity with exponentially increasing resistance up to a temperature of your choice. Above this temperature it acts as an electrical isolator.

This unique PTC rubber material can beneficially be used in self-limiting and self-regulating heating solutions.

Board of Directors

Jens Andersson, CEO
Tel: +46 8 83 45 20
Email: info@conflux.se

Carl-Erik Ridderstråle

David Berglund

Jan-Olof Brüer

Martin Linder

Anders Wikström

Torbjörn Kronander
Deputy Director

Günther Clos
Deputy Director