Frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions

What do I need a Conflux heater for?

A Conflux self-limiting and self-regulating heater is a PTC heater that keeps a constant temperature of your choice regardless of the ambient conditions. It requires no regulating electronics or overheat protection. It cannot overheat.

You can use a Conflux heater for any application where you want to keep your object at a constant temperature.

You can use a Conflux heater when you rapidly want to heat up an object from cold temperatures.

You can actually beneficially use a Conflux heater for all heating applications up to 80°C.

How does it work?

A Conflux heater strives to always keep a constant temperature. It is self-regulating meaning that it will produce the same amount of heat as is drained away to the object it is attached to (Power in = Power out) in order to keep a constant temperature. This it does automatically without electronics. It is a material property of the heater. Hence, the power the heater produces is determined by the object the heater is attached to rather than the heater itself, as long as the heater is designed to be powerful enough to be able to keep a constant temperature despite the heat load of the object.

The heater has an intrinsic temperature above which the heater stops to produce heat. It is self-limiting. Hence, you don't need any overheat protection. I just can't overheat. Also this is a material property of the heater.

When attached to a cold object, it will produce high heating power without getting excessively warm. The heating power gradually decrease as the object gets warmer until an equilibrium point is reached. It will strive to keep the object at this temperature even when the ambient conditions change. This makes a Conflux heater ideal for e.g. de-icing, keeping Li-batteries warm or any other object that needs to be warm with any risk of overheating.

What power can I get from a Conflux heater?

A Conflux heater strives to keep a constant temperature of your choice regardless of how the ambient temperature changes. It produces the same amount of power as is draining away from the object it is attached to, keeping your object at a constant temperature in equilibrium with the surrounding. Hence, it is the object which determines what power the heater produces, not the heater itself, if the heater is sufficiently large.

The Conflux heater produces high power when it is cold and gradually decreases its power as your object approaches the desired steady state temperature. In this way you can get kilowatts of power when the object is cold. Still the heater never exceeds the steady state temperature of your choice.

What temperatures can a Conflux heater hold?

A Conflux heater can be designed to keep your object at a constant temperature in the temperature range 0 to 70°C.

How can I fine tune the temperature?

You can fine tune the temperature of your Conflux heater by varying the voltage. Increasing the voltage increases the temperature with high precision, as well as lowering the voltage reduces the temperature.

We are happy to tailor a heater for your needs.

What is the Conflux PTC rubber material?

Conflux has invented a new rubber material with very strong PTC characteristics.

The Conflux PTC rubber conducts electricity, but only up to a temperature which is defined at the production of the PTC rubber. Typical temperatures are between 0–80 °C (32–176 °F). The resistivity of the PTC rubber increases exponentially with temperature for all temperatures up to the maximum temperature. Hence, it has strong PTC properties for all temperatures and heats up rapidly. Above this temperature the rubber is an electrical isolator and cease to produce heat. This makes it a self-limiting heater which cannot overheat. The rubber foil is only 0.4 mm thin and can be formed to any shape and size.

When a voltage is applied to the PTC heater electrical current flows through the PTC rubber material and the resistivity of the material causes it to heat up. As it heats up the resistivity increases rapidly and the power (heat) produced decreases. At the same time heat is being transferred from the heater to the object it is attached to, and its surrounding. Within a short period of time, often seconds, the amount of heat produced is in equilibrium with the amount of heat conducted and radiated away from the heater. The heater reaches its equilibrium temperature and remains there. The exponential PTC properties of the material assures that the equilibrium temperature is virtually insensitive to changes in the ambient temperatures. This makes it a self-regulating heater.

Minco Inc. is a partner of Conflux providing Conflux PTC heaters under the brand, SmartHeat SLT.